About Us

Since March 2009, DARA has achieved many accomplishments:

  • 700 members of the medical, dental, and academic community
  • Spur the petition of support for the IMA and WMA president, Dr. Yoram Blachar, in response to a discriminatory call for his dismissal
  • Collaborated with HonestReporting to rouse a response from the membership in response to publishing of a non-scientific and editorialized anti-Israel article in a medical journal, CMAJ.
  • Challenged “medical” conferences at the University of Toronto for disguising medical lectures as a platform for disseminating non-scientific and hate inciting views.
  • Started a constructive dialogue with the University of Toronto over intimidation faced by those with dissenting views.
  • Responded to calls to action by DARA members
    • OMA sponsored cruise to Dubai was cancelled as a result of restriction to certain members based on nationality.
    • Successfully pressured sponsor of breast cancer conference to allow participation of all expert physicians regardless of nationality.
  • Hosted CME accredited conference that focused on the medical and psychological impacts of terrorism. Over 200 medical professionals attended.

But our work is far from over; in the future DARA will:

  • Continue to monitor medical literature for bias and coordinate effective large-scale responses to it
  • Act as an up-to-date source of news pertinent to discrimination within medical and academic realms
  • Lead a response to hateful and misleading events in our community