The DARA Board of Directors met with representatives of the CPSO this morning to discuss our concerns regarding the dramatic escalation of anti-Jewish racism in the medical realm. This, together with our written submission, will hopefully have an impact on the CPSO’s soon-to-be announced new policy regarding social media posts.

This is the letter subsequently sent following our meeting:

On behalf of DARA, we would like to thank Mr. Craig Roxborough and Ms. Alex Wong for taking the time and hearing our concerns. As we discussed, our concerns relate to the adjudication and enforcement of CPSO’s forthcoming social media policy.
As discussed by Professor Irwin Cotler and others, the IHRA (International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance) definition is helpful in trying to understand/define what anti-Jewish prejudice (antisemitism) is.  The IHRA definition is an anchor as an interpretative tool.  Despite its non-binding nature, its acceptance by various jurisdictions, including the Provincial Govt. and the International Council of Imams, its adoption gives it some weight in the attempt to formulate a policy that is aimed at (among other things) protecting Jewish students/faculty from antisemitic displays coming from CPSO Members.
We strongly believe that the adoption of the IHRA definition of antisemitism would serve the CPSO’s interest, as it would provide a framework by which anti-Jewish racism can be adjudicated and enforced, where applicable. Accordingly, we urge the CPSO to adopt the IHRA definition to help inform such policy and adjudication.
We thank you for your attentiveness, and look forward to receiving your correspondence.
Kind regards,
DARA (Doctors Against Racism and Anti-Semitism) Board of Directors

The CPSO is requesting submissions from CPSO members before the end of day this Friday August 27, 2021. Here’s CPSO link:

Bearing in mind this deadline, it would be a huge help if as many of us as possible submit our opinions and suggestions to the College. Please take just a few minutes to support this effort.

Thank you all.
Kind regards,
DARA Board of Directors