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Title Publication Date
DARA Press Release – The Lid Is Lifted on Antisemitism in UofT’s Temerty Faculty of Medicine DARA 9/12/22
Fixation with Israel a righteous cause among ‘enlightened’ academics Toronto Star 03/12/22
Irwin Cotler controversy renews anti-Semitism debate at University of Toronto National Post 03/11/22
A speech by Irwin Cotler on Holocaust Remembrance Day provoked charges of anti-Palestinian racism and antisemitism at the University of Toronto’s Temerty Faculty of Medicine CJN 03/09/22
Changing the Focus of Israel Advocacy BESA Center Perspectives Paper 06/14/21
Holocaust education – a medical imperative Lancet Journal 11/21/20
Cultivating Moral Courage U of T News 11/03/20
Push Underway To Get Holocaust Education Into Med School CJN 01/09/20
Lancet editor praised for rejecting anti-Israel bias CJN  10/29/19
Guess Which Country the U.N. Decries Now Wall Street Journal 06/15/16
Israeli forces are accused of wide ranging human rights violations in Gaza last summer BMJ 02/09/15
Doctor decries medical journals politicization CJN 12/11/14
Doctors target anti-Israel bias in medical literature CJN 09/24/14
DARA members respond to distorted article on water conditions in Gaza Strip Lancet Journal 04/05/14
DARA member responds to article in Lancet on mental health of Arabs in Israel Lancet Journal 04/05/14
Honest Reporting and DARA respond to Lancet Editor’s attempt to erase Israel from the map Honest Reporting 01/26/14
DARA member responds to Lancet’s editor misleading description of health of Arabs in Israel Lancet Journal 07/13/13
Honest Reporting Respond to wrongful accusation of treatment of an Arab Prisoner in Israel Honest Reporting 03/18/13
Israeli Doctor Talks About Mission in Japan Canadian Jewish News 04/07/11
Cancellation of Conference Urged After Israeli Barred CJN 07/03/10
Medical Conferences Are No Place To Support Racism The Medical Post 06/15/10
MD Group Aims to Combat Misinformation The Medical Post 11/17/09
Doctors Recount the Horrors of Terrorism Jewish Tribune 10/29/09
Doctor’s Group Aims to Divorce Politics from Medicine CJN 10/29/09
Doctors Group Fights Anti-Jewish Bias CJN 05/14/09